Effective treatment for the appearance of cellulite, circumference reduction and body shaping.

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What is Cellulite

Cellulite is a change in skin texture that results in an "orange peel" or mattress appearance. Cellulite is much more common in women, than men due to structure of the connective tissue fibres that organise and support fat. In men they run parallel to the skin giving a smooth appearance. In women, their fat is organised perpendicular to the skin. This results in a pulling down of the skin by the connective tissue support structure and an uneven surface.

The Causes of Cellulite

Recent studies have revealed 2 major causes of cellulite. The first is a hardening of the connective tissue support system of fat. These are referred to as connective tissue (fibrous) septae. They are made of collagen. Over time, these septae harden and contract.. The contraction results in most of the dimpled appearance that characterises cellulite. Additionally the contraction leads to a blockage of the blood vessels and lymphatics. The blood vessel blockage further hardens the septae. The lymphatic blockage leads to thick, swollen appearing skin.

The second major cause of cellulite is the protrusion of fat cells into the lower part of the skin known as the reticular dermis. The protrusion results in worsening of the dimpling. You can be genetically predisposed to cellulite and hormones can play a part as well as free radical damage to cells.



Treatment Areas

The Therapist

Janet Southworth has been in the business of health and wellbeing since 1990.
  • A qualified Nutritionalist CH. ED.Nut. Dip.
  • Qualified Yoga teacher with the British wheel of yoga. BWY. Dip.
  • She also studied anatomy, and massage at Durham college.
  • Fully Insured
  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations are available to complement and assist the effectiveness of your therapy if required.
  • Member of T.F.N.T.
  • Trained personally by Jan de Vries at his new clinic in Ayr in the Jan de Vries weight loss method
Janet Southworth

The Treatment

Average treatment lasts between 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Initial consultation, you will be asked about medical conditions. Safe and pain free Ultra sound gel is applied to the area, Janet will start on a low setting and run the hand piece over the area in the direction of the lymph flow. Each treatment area will be covered. You need to attend twice a week for a total of 6-10 treatments,10 is recommended. While you are having a session you need to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Eat light healthy food and take moderate exercise for 30 minutes 3 or more times a week Avoid alcohol, smoking and stress and get enough sleep. Follow up treatment session in 3 months.



'Would just like to say thank you for your supplement recommendations and the great results achieved with acoustic wave treatment.  I have not changed my lifestyle habits, yet have definitely toned and lost some inches.  Friends have been commenting and I can see and feel it for myself. Thanks again, would definitely recommend Acoustic Wave as the results are visible after only a few treatments.'  Hazel Richardson-Lynagh

'Having had acoustic wave therapy I didn't know what to expect. The treatment was quite comfortable, a slight tingling effect but most of all I was impressed when after 6 treatments I had lost 4cm from my stomach area.' K Hulley


Treatment areas: Front and Back thighs and buttock area. NORMAL RPR £50 per session (6-10 recommended)

SPECIAL OFFER- 50% discount: Book 6 sessions in advance £150

Extra area (stomach or arms, love handles, an extra £10 per session)

For a limited time only.

The Clinic 

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email: janet.southworth2@googlemail.com

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